I have all/most of my teeth missing in my jaw. What are my options?

There are many treatment variables, both with fixed and removable teeth.

Each option is dependent on the patient’s financial budget and what is possible in their mouth. Our Implant Dentist will be happy to discuss more at the time of your consultation.

There are variations with each treatment modality, but these are the main ones we offer:

  • Denture only

  • Denture supported by 2 implants

  • Denture supported by 4 implants

  • Denture supported by 4 implants and a bar

  • Fixed teeth supported by 4 implants

  • Fixed teeth supported by 6 implants

  • Fixed teeth supported by individual implants

As a general rule, the more implants you have placed, the more secure your false teeth will fit in.

The number of implants which need to be used to replace your missing teeth depend on varying factors:

  • Your budget

  • Your smile aesthetics

  • The final aesthetic outcome desired

  • The quantity of your jawbone

  • The quality of your jawbone

  • Anatomical features such as the extent of your sinuses and where your nerves are positioned

  • Whether you would like an implant denture or a fixed implant teeth bridge

  • Your oral hygiene factors

  • Any pre-existing periodontal disease (“gum disease”)